Become a Community Partner

Community Partnerships are open to any nonprofit or community-based organization (including schools, churches, health providers) who are working with people to improve their lives. They are designed to allow organizations to have access to clothing for their participants.

With a Membership, your participants gain access to our Wardrobe filled with well-maintained, stylish, and high-quality clothing suitable for any need from casual to professional. The improved self-confidence people feel after their personal styling appointment leads them to be more engaged in their job search and respond positively to requests from their case managers and instructors. This support’s your goal of helping them achieve success!  

Outfits for Life: Returning Home After Incarceration, Rebuilding After Violence, Health Issues, or Homelessness

Outfits for Work: Job Searching, Interviewing, Training, Starting or Advancing at Work

Referrals and appointments can be booked using our online form. We’ll confirm with the participant, including rescheduling their appointment if necessary. Participants choose the location or service best for them – in person or online with a mailed Wardrobe Box! Your program can opt to receive a monthly referral and outcome report showing who used our services. Membership year starts 1/1/2023 and then will renew annually & adjusted for actual use. Invoices for payments can be sent annually, biannually or quarterly. Scholarships are available under special circumstances.

The Wardrobe is committed to trauma-informed staffing to assist clients from all walks of life and experience. We have expertise working with trans/non-binary people and those with histories of incarceration.

Community Partner Contact: Mars Sharrock, Program Director – 215-568-6693 or